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BTW, if any of y'all knows anybody who's in the market for a reasonably-priced-for-Manhattan apartment share to start in August, let me know. So far, one person's expressed interest and I'm showing the apartment on Monday, but with a relatively short deadline here, I'd rather not put all my having-a-roommate-eggs in one basket.

But, yeah, other than that apartmentpanic! thing, not that much going on with me. What about you guys?


My roommate received word today that she was accepted for a Physics position in Delaware. A hearty and happy congratulations to crystalpyramid!

As an regrettable (for me, at least) consequence of this wonderful news, though, she will be relocating at some point during the summer. As I would like to keep my current apartment ($1700 for a 2BR in Manhattan is kind of an amazing deal, and I'd rather not pay the same rent I do right now to live in a smaller apartment further away from work), this, in turn, means I need to find a new roommate. Thus: if you're looking for a place in the city, or have a friend or family member or co-worker or associate or enemy or all of the above who is, please drop me a line.

That is all, thank you and have a wonderful evening.

Remember, it doesn't count as terrorism until we know the ethnicity of the perpetrators!

What is this, 2002? So passe.

Don't worry though, we're assured by the NRCC that it, and every other instance of violence against lawmakers has been isolated incident. And Republican leaders assure us that by whining about this stuff, Democrats are just enflaming more violence, in a way that directly inciting constituents presumably doesn't.

Which is a relief. Because if there were somehow any iota of evidence that these sorts of things were in any way concerted or coordinated, it would be downright terrifying. But, see, instead, they're just a series of dozens of isolated incidents over the course of a single week. You know! Just one big misunderstanding/coincidence!

It's more of a food/politics blog, really.

SO, I was considering blegging a post about the recent political climate since health care passed, and how very toxic political violence is to a functional democracy, and how what we're seeing now constitutes the first few steps down the path to a particularly dangerous pathology of democracy that we saw for a time in the previous century, but I decided not to.

Instead, I'm going to suggest that any and all of you donate to any representatives you have that voted for health care -yes, even the Joe Liebermans, and Bart Stupaks- because, it ends up, that vote was a hell of a lot more courageous than any of us realized at the time. This might be a good place to start, if you don't have any other ideas.

And, with that, I'm now going provide a partial list of the contents of my refrigerator:
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Sooo... yeah. That part of my life is good. Enough to keep my mind off the politics stuff for a bit, even.